Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cereal Mobile

For my project I had wanted to make a chandelier out of cereal boxes and cereal. While making I changed some things like not attaching the bottom hanging pieces together because I thought it was more fun to let them just hang and move. I also added the spoons with the paint and fruit loops in them.

For this project, I wanted to do something different then sports. I do love the outdoors so I came up with doing some birds. Each bird that is on here is a different kind of bird and represents how many different birds we have on earth. There is no relationship between the birds as they are connected, but each colorful bird has their own pattern and I tried to separate each bird so they can be shown off individually.

Holiday Mobile

Originally my idea was to put leaves on a spiral mobile but leaves don't glue so i changed it to a holiday mobile that lights up and spins. I dont have any meaning behind it but I thought it would look cool and is appropriate for the time of year.

Christmas Time

Hello My project is Christmas ornaments. I love Christmas time, it is very good and cute thing to do this time of the year. The time in this piece is based off the fact that if you celebrate Christmas you kind of grow up with it and you can measure time by Christmas.

Courtney Husted

Dragon Scare

When I first started this project I simply had no real concept behind the Dragon, only because in the Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the dragon and I think Dragons are powerful creatures. Dragons are scary beasts and so are the years. So far the predictions that in the year 2000 (Year of the Dragon) computers would crash and chaos would unfold. Now 2012 is the big talk about the apocalypse of the world again Year of the Dragon. Further into the future people believe that in 2060 (Year of the Dragon) that the Chinese would invade the U.S. and prevail later the Chinese would consume all remaining resources and leaving the planet to die. Also that same year Sir Isaac Newton believed that the world would end that same year. I hope all these theories are nothing more than just a scare so I will keep the Dragon half alive to keep in mind that its only a scare. I would like to go further in the project by maybe making a few more Dragons and placing all of them in front of a blue screen. Then have them fly in the sky.

One Moment to the Next

The idea behind this piece is hard to guess at, but I was trying to convey the vague memories and snap shots of childhood that I have (the beads), that a lot of people have, and the windings and weavings we do when we are older (the wire), trying to piece them together into a more cognitive history. I apologize for the blurred picture, but my power is out! This was the only one I had taken so far.


For my mobile I created an Alice in Wonderland themed piece. The caterpillar lazily sleeps on his mushroom as the white rabbit runs round and round. I made the rabbits and caterpillar from fabric, with beads for eyes. The mushroom is made from a half circle flower arrangement block, covered in fabric, with a fabric and stuffing base.


My overall idea for this piece was how time takes its toll on us and leaves us in limbo. I made partial remains of a face along with pieces of the rest of the face out of super sculpey. This disintegration of the face shows how time wears us down, but it doesn't completely rid of everything that we have. We still hold these different pieces of the past with us, or at least with what remains of us. To suspend the clay I used fishing line which I screwed into a wooden panel.

Monday, December 7, 2009

"Upside Down "

For this project all my sketches had sometime to do with the weather and rain. In the end it came down to two sketches that I really liked, I couldn't choose so I tried to incorporate both into one. Wire is the predominating material that was used in my piece, however I also used glass beads for the rain drops, and fabric for parts of the umbrella. I had a lot of trouble with balanceing the two clouds and lightning. Each were differnt sizes and it was hard to get the light weight rain drops to make up the difference between the clouds. I found that time was another challenge, there was so more I wanted to do with the umbrella, but time was not on my side.

Flower Mobile

My mobile is a flower pot with all kinds of different flowers blooming.I wanted it to look very fun and playful. I used a real flower pot, silver nickle wire, and cellophane.

"I Spy"

Thinking back from when I was a child I remembered that I really enjoyed looking at "Look and Find" or "I Spy" books and how much fun I really had with them, so this inspired me to make my Mobile project go with an "I Spy " theme. I took 9 clear plastic ball ornaments and filled each one with objects that go with a certain theme. For Example, one ball has foam ABC's and there are small bead objects that are school supplies. Within that ball I would ask you to find the pair of scissors. Another ball contains black, white and gray beads to match the racing theme ball. Can you find the checked flag? I added white snow-like material in each ball so that all 9 ornaments go together in some way and also, so it hides what needs to be found in each one better :)

Hanging Tree

For my piece I wanted to make something that you usually wouldn't associate with mobiles, so I made a hanging tree. The tree itself is made from wire and the bodies are just army men I painted white. I was going to make the bodies from fabric but the stitching got really complicated and they were just too small, so I improvised and painted some plastic army men and hung them from spinners. The ropes were going to be thread but it didn't show well so I used copper stereo wire instead.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bike Cycle

I created my mobile using wire hangars to form the spinning apparatus and wire sculpted bicyles to hang as the subjects. I ran into a lot of structural problems along the way, but the main one was in figuring out how to create three freely spinning layers from a centrally located axis. I finally realized that each layer would have to be separated by some kind of link in order to house the consecutive spinner below it. This was by far the most challenging project for me, but I loved figuring out the kinetic aspects of it and creating something that can actually move.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Final Project: Mobiles

Final Project: Mobiles! Remember to have fun with these! Check out the mobile links on the sidebar. These are due Tuesday, December 8th!

This video is not related to mobiles, (it would have been really great to show you for the paper project) but I thought it was funny and wanted to share!

Elio from Rob Diaz on Vimeo.